The first Polymer Summit in Amsterdam

It’s a long time since I heard about the Polymer project, but I never got the chance to get hands on code, so as soon as I found out about the organization of the first ever Polymer Summit in Amsterdam on September 14-15, I joined without hesitation.

Unfortunately, on Monday I couldn’t do much code due to a problem that seems recurrent in every conference I attended and it’s the WiFi not supporting the load and being unstable. It happened during the workshops of ngEurope in Paris and some speakers had problems while showing their examples during the JSConf in Budapest.

So from the fours hours I stayed at the incredible Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ venue, more than two were wasted trying to connect to the internet to get something done. Fortunately the code labs will stay online for anybody to try.

Tuesday was a completely different story with a full day of talks and a lot of information to process. From the sixteen talks there were two really powerful: Monica Dinosaurescu almost made me love CSS with Polymer’s Styling System while Laura Palmaro, sharing her story as a visually impaired person, helped to understand better the importance of accessibility with A11y with Polymer.

But the most awesome was to watch on stage two of the greatest web gurus in the world. Addy Osmani showed the Polymer Power Tools with stuff to build, test, lint and serve web components, make them CSP compliant and use a stateless CDN. And Paul Irish performed a live audit of the Google Patents and Polymer Summit website during his Doing a Perf Audit of your Polymer App talk.

To wrap it up the sentence There’s an Element for that by Surma summarizes the exciting future of the web with a great project, that for now still depends of all the major browser vendors copping up with the pace Google is setting with Chrome when implementing web components, so all of us can use them for production changing the way we develop web applications.

Last I have to thank the Polymer Dev Summit team for organizing an amazing event and make it available for free, providing great food, drinks and swag, and giving us the opportunity to meet some fascinating people from all over the world.


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