ng-europe 2016

Two years ago I went to the original edition of ng-europe and it was awesome. Not only was the first AngularJS conference in Europe but also the first conference I ever attended. Since them I’ve been to many others but I couldn’t miss the chance to visit the second edition of ng-europe and enjoy a few days in Paris. Continue reading

TNW Conference Europe 2016

Back in October I bought my ticket for The Next Web Conference happening in Amsterdam May 26-27. At that time I hadn’t gone yet to the Web Summit discovering that, as a developer, these kind of massive tech events don’t give me as much value as pure technical conferences do. Continue reading

nodeday Amsterdam

Last Thursday I attended nodeday, the first conference of a year that is going to be full of events, and it was awesome.

Sponsored by nearForm and IceMobile, the money we paid was refunded at the entry, so it was a free event for about 150 node enthusiasts, at the old gas house in Amsterdam and perfectly organized, making it truly enjoyable. Continue reading