First of all, I want to welcome you to my new blog and thank you for keep reading.

It has been almost eight years since I created my first blog, that has currently 445 posts about my life, my trips, sport and technology, but if something all of them have in common is the language in which they were written, that as you can imagine, it’s my mother tongue, Spanish.

For some time I’ve been considering the option of writing some of my blog posts in English, but as this could be confusing for my readers, I have taken the decision of creating a brand new blog in the same platform which is WordPress.

As starting point I want to use this blog for improving myself in two ways:

  • One is the language; even when I have been living abroad for almost three years and I can consider myself bilingual in English, I think this can be a good exercise of learning while finding new vocabulary or correcting grammar mistakes.
  • The other is programming; as I’m thinking to start writing about code, sharing it here can be a good way to find how other people solved the same problem or checking how useful could be my code for others.

So if you have read till here, feel free to leave a comment or even correcting me.

Stay tuned!


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